The problem?
270 million casualties

and counting!

Since 1995, over 270 million telephone numbers have been affected by area code changes.

Every company is faced with this problem. It quietly gnaws away at staff productivity, costing millions of hours a year behind the scenes, until somebody realizes that the problem can be resolved almost instantly.

The PhoneSeal Solution

PhoneSeal is the premier software for repairing phone and fax numbers in files or databases for American and Canadian phone numbers, regardless of cost. As well, Phoneseal Desktops, free downloads with no adware, are the only products available for checking individual numbers, a secretary's dream.

PhoneSeal's customers include the Who's Who of American business. In tests conducted by very large customers during their evaluation process, PhoneSeal has consistently outperformed the very best external correction services at a fraction of the cost. And your files never need to leave home!

Unique Features of PhoneSeal

  • Ambiguous number lists -- sometimes, an area split is done in the same place where an area code split was done already. Sometimes, there are even more than two involved. PhoneSeal has a program called PreCleaner which identifies your ambiguous numbers so you can clean them out of your list before running PhoneSeal Corrector. In this case, PhoneSeal will tell you all of the possible new area codes. Our Advanced/Professional products have additional features to address this, see below. Note: If any other area code correction company tells you their product is so good, it doesn't have to deal with ambiguous numbers, run away! Ambiguous numbers are a built-in part of the area code problem. Every area code correction product must do something about them. Read our page about ambiguous numbers for more.
  • Simple batch processing -- enables you to set up PhoneSeal for multiple files/databases, which you can run all at once.
  • "Time Traveler" date based correction -- Our Advanced and Professional products can substantially reduce the number of "ambiguous" numbers that you have -- and turn them into properly corrected numbers -- by using date fields in your data. If you know the exact date a number was good, the number can always be corrected. If you have fields that can put an upper or lower bound on the date of the number, you can greatly improve your odds of getting the number corrected.
  • "ZipChecker" zip code verification -- This improves your correction accuracy even more. This feature uses a zip code field in your data. PhoneSeal knows which possible area codes (and yes there are sometimes more than one) can occur in each zip code. This feature applies to the Adavanced and Professional Suites only.
  • Incongruency checking -- This combines the number-based and zip-code based validation. The incongruency check compares PhoneSeal's area code split database, PhoneSeal zip code database with the phone number and zip code from your data. If the three don't match up, it means one of the three is wrong. We originally put in this feature as a "reality check" on our data. We've found our data is very accurate. However, if you find an incongruency that you think indicates an error in our data, send it to us and we will investigate it. Usually, however, this means an error in your data -- it usually means that you have an address for one company office, but a phone or fax number for a different office. Or, if dealing with residential customers, it usually means that the person moved, but their phone number record was not updated along with the address. Many companies find PhoneSeal's ability to find these broken records valuable all by itself.
See our Features & Benefits page for detailed descriptions.

Analyze your files, free

PhoneSeal's free Analyzers work just like the real thing. They provide you with accurate information on how many of your telephone numbers need correction, and provide sample reports based on your files.

There are three PhoneSeal Analyzers. Standard for small to intermediate, reasonably well maintained files; Advanced for those horror story files that have you waking in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, and Professional for those horror stories of epic proportions.

Buying PhoneSeal

When you have decided which PhoneSeal suite meets your needs, you can download the software, and pay for it over the web. Or you can send us a purchase order.

Free Desktop Software

The PhoneSeal Desktops are free. There is no adware, and no gotcha's. Our gift to you. Enjoy!

Do Not Call Registry Liability

If you do telemarketing, PhoneSeal can help you reduce your risk of Do Not Call liability. Here's where your risk comes from: Suppose you are a good citizen, you obey the law, you scrub all the numbers on the "Do Not Call" Registry from your telemarketing list. Then, suppose one of your salespeople has an old phone number from the list. They dial the number, and, since it's old and has an old area code, it doesn't work or rings the wrong person. Then your salesperson realizes that the number should have a new area code. They fix the number themself, dial it, and, "Hello! You can't dial this number. We're on the Do Not Call Registry!" All of a sudden, you're liable for a huge fine, even though you tried to do everything right. The solution: Run PhoneSeal on your list before you do your Do-Not-Call scrubbing.

What You Need To Do Next

  • Read about the area code problem and the area code correction process. The How Area Code Correction works page is a good starting point.
  • Read about the three PhoneSeal product suites: Standard, Advanced, and Professional. The Features and Benefits page is a good starting point. You might also want to read the Tutorial to get an idea what the programs are like to use.
  • Download and install the Analyzer product that corresponds to the PhoneSeal Software Suite you think you might want to buy: Analyzer Standard, Analyzer Advanced, or Analyzer Professional.
  • Run the Analyzer. Analyzer will tell you how many numbers need to be corrected. Analyzer will show you how big -- or small -- an area code problem you have. If you see that most of your numbers are good, then you know you don't have a problem. On the other hand, if Analyzer says a lot of your numbers need correction, then you know you have a problem, and need to purchase the full PhoneSeal product. If you don't have an area code problem, we're not going to sell you an area code correction solution.
  • If you decide to purchase, once you have decided which PhoneSeal product suite is the right one for you, then you need to download, install, and register your product. The download/install process is the same for the full suite as the Analyzer. After the install, you enter the registration code that we send you after you purchase. (If you purchase online, the registration code is sent automatically from our e-commerce partner SWREG).
  • Finally, if you want to keep your numbers up to date, we recommend you subscribe to the update service. The bulk your corrections will occur on the first correction. However, there are still some area code splits every year.

The Features & Benefits page explains in detail the differences in features between PhoneSeal Standard, PhoneSeal Advanced, and PhoneSeal Professional. The Pricing page lists the prices and explains the purchase process for each program. Be sure to run Analyzer Standard, Analyzer Advanced, or Analyzer Professional on your data first, to make sure you have an area code problem and the product will meet your needs.


The entry level answer

PhoneSeal Standard is economically designed for small files and maximum savings.


Mid-size company solution

PhoneSeal Advanced has all the features of Phoneseal Professional, but it processes data less rapidly.

The Fortune 500 solution

PhoneSeal Professional not only knows every area code split since 1990. It has a secondary information base that can verify the changes by Zip code, and processes hundreds of thousands of records per minute.
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